Grow Your Own Medicine

Please Call to set up your first Workshop: 207-482-0188 ext. 2

  • Time:  Wednesdays – 6:00-8:30 p.m.
  • Date:  Sept 18, Oct 16, and Nov 13
  • Cost:  $15.00 (Includes 15.00 Gift Certificate to MIGS)
  • Limit:  30 people

Maine Indoor Garden Supply presents: Grow Your Own, a  2.5 hour comprehensive class that covers every thing you’ll need to know to produce high-quality, and high-yielding medicinal grade organic Cannabis. Maine Indoor Garden Supply’s expert staff have lectured on medicinal Cannabis at the national N.O.R.M.L. Conference in Oregon, and have won three S.T.A.S.H (Significant Technological Advancement in Secret Horticulture Awards) in three years. MIGS staff have also contributed to High Times Magazine articles “7 Habits Of Highly Effective Pot Grows”, “The Strains of Maine”, and HT’s “Grow Tip of The Month”.

Our class will cover:

  1. Building a budget grow room: Tips to save you money.
  2. How to avoid mistakes commonly made during your first grow.
  3. Starting from seed vs starting from clone.
  4. Grow lights: nutrients by color.
  5. Growing mediums: hydro vs soil.
  6. Air quality: temperature, wind speed, humidity.
  7. What to feed your plants.
  8. How to make organic nutrient supplements.
  9. Pest control.
  10. Harvest, drying, and storage.

Entrance fee is $15/person. Each paid attendee will be given a $15 gift certificate good for anything at Maine Indoor Garden Supply (M.I.G.S.). MIGS offers an additional  floating discounts to all Medical Marijuana patients. We guarantee all our prices and equipment.