Dustin Sulak, D.O.

Dr Dustin Sulak, Integr8

Dustin Sulak, D.O. is an osteopathic physician, licensed in Maine as a general practitioner. He is an expert in integrative medicine, the intelligent combination of conventional and alternative approaches to healthcare. He has long been fascinated by mind-body medicine, spirituality in healthcare, and natural approaches to promoting health and healing. He is an expert in cranial and biodynamic osteopathy, a clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki sensei, practitioner of chi kung and yoga, and has studied with numerous conventional and alternative healers and physicians.

Dr. Sulak’s clinical practice focuses on treating refractory conditions in adults and children.  He received undergraduate degrees in nutrition science and biology from Indiana University, a doctorate of osteopathy from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed an osteopathic internship at Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency. 

Dr. Sulak is an internationally-renowned expert in medical cannabis, the founder of Integr8 Health and Healer.com, a medical cannabis education resource.  He is a passionate teacher of clinicians, patients and industry professionals, and sits on the board of directors of The Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Dr. Sulak recently published the first foundational text on the clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoid therapies, Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians: Principles and Practice.

Dr. Sulak excels in the treatment of patients with conditions that have not responded well to conventional treatment. He offers a holistic approach, provides detailed workup, and emphasizes safe, natural, and effective treatment options. All of Dr. Sulak’s patients receive individualized treatment plans and compassionate follow up.

Services provided:

  • Integrative medicine consultation
  • Cranial and Biodynamic osteopathic manipulation
  • Medical cannabis evaluations and follow up
  • Ketamine evaluations and follow up
  • Tick-borne disease care
  • Adults and pediatrics


Danielle Saad D.O.

Danielle Saad, Integr8

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by sickness and healing. By the time I was in college, I knew that I would study medicine, and that it would be only the beginning of my training. While I pursued western medical training, I also studied (formally and informally) Reiki, Body Talk, other forms of energy medicine, homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, hypnotherapy, and various other alternative and integrative approaches to healing.

Traditional Osteopathy forms the foundation of my approach. The central tenet of Osteopathy is that we all have an intelligent and powerful healing system within us. My main goal is to synchronize with this healing system, understand its challenges and priorities, and assist it in its work. As the founder of Osteopathy famously said, “The object of a physician should be to find the health. Anyone can find the disease.” I do so by listening to people – their stories, their wisdom, and their bodies.

I see people at all ages and stages of health. I use whatever combination of western and integrative medicine is appropriate for them. My goal is to meet people on their healing journey and help them to live life to their fullest potential. Current areas of focus are medical cannabis, children with neurological problems, tick related illness, chronic complex illness of various etiologies, and those who have failed conventional therapy or fallen through the cracks of the medical system.

I live with my husband Dr. Dustin Sulak and our three children.


  • Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Family Physician – Board certified
  • Reiki Sensei
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiology
  • Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

Shawn Sulak, D.N.

Shawn Sulak, D.N., Integr8 Health

Dr. Shawn Sulak specializes in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain and connective tissue dysfunction. He has treated thousands of cases of head, neck, extremity and back pain, overuse injuries, sports injuries, poor lymphatic and circulatory function, and more with incredible success.

Dr. Sulak’s holistic approach includes Naprapathic manipulation, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, and energy medicine techniques. He may also use thermotherapy, ultrasound, flexion-distration, and other therapeutic modalities during your treatment, if indicated. Treatments always followed up with a personalized exercise program and advice to the patient.

Dr. Shawn Sulak is a doctoral graduate of the National College of Naprapathic Medicine. He received his Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from the University of Indianapolis and is a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Dr. Sulak’s treatments are an incredible full body experience that provide instant relief and long lasting healing.

Arianne Kryskow


Arianne Kryskow FNP-C,-APRN,-M.Ed,-APRN

Arianne “Ari” Kryskow is a newly graduated family nurse practitioner passionate about helping people overcome health barriers to find wellness – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Ari has over 20 years’ experience helping people as a licensed school counselor, educator, and nurse and excels at building caring collaborative relationships with patients built on empathy, trust, and open communication.

Ari was inspired to explore alternative medicine after her son started having seizures that were refractory to conventional medicine but were fortunately stopped completely with medical cannabis. This inspired her to become a primary care provider to help other families access this life-changing medicine. While studying conventional medicine, Ari has continued to pursue specialized training in complementary and functional medicine which focuses on individualized care, with a special interest in chronic illness especially autoimmune conditions, and hormonal, gastrointestinal, and neurological health. She is passionate about helping patients address the root cause of their illness and build a healthier lifestyle to relieve suffering, prevent disease, restore health, and find quality of life on their own terms according to their own unique needs.

Ari loves to hike, runs, and ski with her husband, two children, and four dogs. Ari is honored to become a part of the Integr8 Health team whom she credits with saving her son’s life and is excited to offer these healing integrative health services.


  • Master of Science in Nursing, 2021
  • Family Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified, Dec 2021
  • IFM Functional Medicine Training – AFMCP, Hormone, Gastrointestinal Modules 2021
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2018
  • Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development, 2010
  • Licensed and Certified School Counselor, 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Education, 1998
  • Licensed and Certified Teacher Grades 7-12, 1998