Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians: Principles and Practice

Dr. Sulak’s new book, Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians is now available! Buy one for your clinician who needs to know more about cannabis.

Experts in Integrative Medicine

Individualized treatments using the best of conventional and alternative medicine

Ketamine Therapy

Integr8 Health provides low-dose oral ketamine therapy for appropriate patients with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other conditions.

Dr Dustin Sulak, Integr8

Dr. Dustin Sulak

Renowned integrative medicine physician
based in Maine.

Welcome to Integr8 Health

Experts in Integrative Medicine and Medical Cannabis

Integr8 Health is the home of internationally-renowned medical cannabis expert Dr. Dustin Sulak and his highly-experienced colleagues. We specialize in helping patients achieve great results with medical cannabis.

Why Cannabis? This powerful but safe, incredibly versatile medicine often succeeds where other medications and treatments fail. An alternative treatment for pain, insomnia, anxiety, neurologic disorders, digestive disorders and more, we’ve been helping patients who’ve been let down by conventional treatments for over a decade.

Video introduction to Medical Cannabis provided by Healer

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Why Integr8 Health?

  • We get amazing results. We specialize in cutting-edge and time-tested integrative treatments like cannabis, ketamine, osteopathic and naprapathic manipulation, laser therapy, and more. We specialize in cases that have not responded fully to conventional treatments.
  • Our treatments are safe. Every patient deserves to clearly understand the potential risks and benefits of any treatment. We always rely on safer, less invasive, and more natural treatments whenever possible. Patients are frequently able to replace more dangerous and less effective medications with the treatments we offer.
  • We treat you with respect. Many of our patients have conditions that are poorly understood by conventional medicine – we understand your frustration!  We take the time to really listen to you and partner with you on a journey to better health.
  • We care for people of all ages, and excel in the care of pediatric and geriatric patients.
  • We treat patients with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, cancer, seizures, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, mold toxicity, and more.
  • We are the cannabis experts. We make it simple for you to experience the maximum benefit with cannabis, and lowest potential for side effects, by taking the time to understand you and your health challenges. Our in-depth consults result in personalized treatment plans to help you easily navigate the world of medical cannabis and achieve your health goals.
  • We provide detailed treatment plans and follow up with you. Cannabis is not one-size fits all – in fact, dozens of cannabis varieties, delivery methods, and dosing protocols make medical cannabis challenging to navigate. Instead of wasting your time and money with trial-and-error, we can guide you and ensure your safety. Every patient receives a clear plan of action to improve their health.
  • You don’t have to smoke or be impaired to benefit from cannabis. Our purpose is to help you live life to its fullest, and to be free of limiting symptoms or health conditions. Our treatment plans will be compatible with your personal preferences and goals.
  • We stand behind you and your certification.  If medical cannabis treatment is indicated, we closely follow state laws to ensure the legality of your treatment. We coordinate care with your primary care provider and specialists, write letters for employers, provide testimony in legal situations, and go the extra mile for you because we’re dedicated to your success.
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I trust and recommend Healer products to help you feel your best every day.

I created Healer Cannabis and Hemp products because I needed high quality, dependable, pure, and effective products for my patients, colleagues, family, friends, and for you. The most effective cannabis products retain the widest range of medicinal compounds. Healer’s patented nano-filtration process both removes impurities and delivers more of the plant’s entourage of medicinal compounds.

To ensure the highest safety and quality, each small product batch is third-party tested to be free of harmful contaminants and accurately formulated, and to take the guesswork out of finding your optimal dose and frequency we include my clinically-proven, step-by-step Dosage Guide and Response Tracker©.

Dr Dustin Sulak
Healer Products

Healer Medical Cannabis Products

Drops, Capsules, Topical and Vaporizer Cartridge; 8 formulas including: NIGHT, DAY, PAIN, BALANCE, RELIEF, THCA, ANYTIME. Available to certified medical cannabis patients in Maine and Maine and certified medical cannabis patients visiting Maine. Learn more at HealerCannabis.com

Healer CBD & CBDA Hemp Products 

Whole Plant Hemp CBD and CBDA Drops, Capsules and Topical. Healer CBD products maintain a 6:1 ratio of CBD/CBDA. CBDA is the hard-to-capture, original raw form of CBD which research indicates is 5-10X more bioavailable compared to CBD.  Available in the practice and online nationwide.  Learn more at HealerCBD.com

Disclosure Notice:

Dr. Dustin Sulak and Dr. Danielle Saad, both physicians at Intergr8 Health, have financial interests in the following medicinal cannabis and hemp CBD product companies-Healer, Inc. (Healer.com) and Healer Hemp, LLC (HealerCBD.com).

You have the right to choose the provider of your health care services as well as the option of utilizing alternative physicians.  Patients of Integr8 Health, including those who are certified for the use of medical cannabis (marijuana), are always free to purchase cannabis products from any caregiver or dispensary, without any judgement or discrimination, and encouraged to produce their own products as allowed by law.  You will not be treated differently by your physician if you do not choose to purchase Healer products. We welcome you as a patient and value our relationship with you.

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