Educational Phone and Video Consults with Dr. Sulak and his colleagues 

Medical Cannabis Works Best with Education

Medical cannabis is an incredibly safe and effective treatment option, when used correctly, for a broad variety of medical conditions and symptoms.

With its variety of delivery methods, types of cannabis, and dosing strategies, cannabis is not a single medicine, and there is no one-size fits all approach to using it as a medicine.

While the number of healthcare providers willing to provide medical cannabis certifications is steadily increasing, most do not offer patients specific instructions on how to use cannabis in a way that best suits their needs.

If you are outside of Maine, start with, a free educational resource with step-by-step dosage programs created by Dr. Sulak to help you:  

  • Safely start using cannabis if you haven’t already done so
  • Find your optimal dose
  • Reverse tolerance and become more sensitive to cannabis
  • Combine cannabis with mental and physical practices to boost your health
  • Use cannabis without impairment
  • And more…

For patients who want more, educational phone and video appointments with Dr. Sulak and his expert colleagues at Integr8 Health are available.

An experienced cannabis clinician will review your health goals, current symptoms, health history, and previous cannabis use.  We do not require medical records but are willing to review any that you chose to send to us.

We’ll provide suggestions for how to best use cannabis, including detailed dosing information relevant to your case.

We can review menus and product details from your local cannabis suppliers to suggest products most likely to be effective for your goals.  Our treatment strategies take the availability of cannabis products in your state or country into account.

We answer questions and make suggestions on other integrative, health-promoting practices that fit your goals.

We are happy to send a consult letter to your local medical providers, and/or you may invite your providers to join in the call/video for a direct clinician to clinician collaboration with you present.

How it works: Our Integr8 Health staff will:

Schedule your 60-minute educational visit

Provide intake and consent forms you can complete online

Send you a link to join a private video chat (or we can simply call your phone number)

Please note:

This educational visit is in no way creating a medical relationship.  All communication provided is purely informational and is not to be viewed as professional medical advice.  We can teach you, but cannot provide either diagnosis or medical treatment.

We strongly encourage you to establish care with a local medical provider that will monitor your use of medical cannabis.  We are happy to collaborate with this provider and prefer to send them a copy of our recommendations.

The scheduled appointment includes time for the educator to review intake data prior to the appointment, and to compose and send list of suggestions and/or correspondence with you and your medical team.  Including an in depth consultation.

Starting at $300/hr