Educational Retreats

Please join Dr. Dustin Sulak at his clinical practice in Maine for a series of intimate educational retreats. These experiential courses are designed for a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds – both clinicians, healing arts professionals, and lay people.

Which retreat is right for me?

Clinical Training Phase 1 and 2

For clinicians primarily interested in improving their knowledge and skills using cannabis, ketamine, and integrative medicine with their patients.

Healers' Retreat: Renewal for Professional Healers

For clinicians primarily interested in personal healing and renewal through psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Healing Arts Phase 1 and 2

For lay people, healing arts professionals and students, and clinicians interested in learning skills to implement hands-on energy medicine techniques and an introduction to the therapeutic applications of two legal psychedelic medicines – cannabis and ketamine.

Dr Dustin Sulak, Integr8 Health

Feedback from past participants

I can honestly say this is the best professional training I have ever attended. The experiential learning component was essential and I am so glad we decided to invest in this course.

A valuable transformational experience in a supportive environment.

The written and digital materials…have been really helpful….

I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from Dustin and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do it again.

Integr8 Providers-&-Staff

Clinical Training Phase 2, August, 2022