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Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Learn about how you may qualify for medical cannabis in the state of Maine, what types of appointments we offer, and Dr. Sulak's overview of medical cannabis's health benefits.

Education Phone and Video Consults

Educational phone and video appointments with Dr. Sulak and his expert colleagues at Integr8 Health are available.

Family Medicine

Integr8 is pleased to offer family medicine/ primary care. Available at our Manchester office.

Women's Health 

Integr8 is pleased to offer full women's health services with Jay Reighley, APRN.  Available at our Falmouth office.

Pain and Inflammation Therapy

Decrease pain and swelling and increase circulation and tissue repair with our pain and inflammation therapy at Integr8 Health. Available at our Falmouth office.

Reiki Clinic

Receive all the benefits from a Reiki treatment within a community style clinic.  New visits starting at $5.00. Available at our Falmouth office.

Osteopathic Manipulation

Find out what osteopathic medicine is, what conditions it treats, and how it can help you live a healthier, happier life. Available at our Manchester office.


Learn more about Naprapathy.

Lyme Disease

Learn more about our individualized diagnoses and treatment plans. Available at both offices.

Medical Marijuana Legal Consultations

Learn how Integr8 Health provides patients with complimentary legal services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the most frequently asked questions about Medical Marijuana Evaluations.

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