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Integrative Healthcare

Adding Fiber to your Diet Decreases your Risk of Chronic Disease

Research commissioned by the World Health Organization reveals that “people who eat lots of high-fiber and whole grain foods have lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases than people whose diets are low in fiber.” The study found that for every eight-gram “increase in fiber eaten a day, total deaths and…


Cannabis: A treatment for Lyme Symptoms

Jay Reighley, a practitioner at Integr8 Health in Falmouth, Maine, recommends patients suffering from Lyme disease to try medical cannabis for its symptom-management and potential disease-modifying effects.   She believes cannabis to be a safer alternative to the opioids, benzodiazepines, neuroleptics and sometimes NSAIDs that are often used to manage Lyme symptoms. In addition to the treatment…


Does Marijuana Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

“I think all we can say safely so far is using low doses of marijuana for prolonged periods of time at some point in your life, possibly when you’re middle-aged to late middle-aged, is probably going to slow the onset or development of dementia, to the point where you’ll most likely die of old age…


Splenda Health Hazards

The web site www.truthaboutsplenda.com lists a variety of consumer complaints from Splenda consumption, many of which mimic other health conditions. Some of the most commonly reported adverse effects include: Gastrointestinal problems Seizures, dizziness, and migraines Blurred vision Allergic reactions Blood sugar increases and weight gain But that’s not all. Now, an in-depth scientific review of Sucralose…


DHHS denial of medical marijuana for Tourette’s syndrome

  Bangor Daily News Posted Dec. 26, 2013, at 5:46 p.m. AUGUSTA, Maine — A doctor whose failed petition to have Tourette syndrome added to the state’s list of ailments that can be legally treated with medical marijuana said he’s so frustrated with the process that he’s reluctant to try again on behalf of his patients. Dr. Dustin…


Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Please take a look at this short video, narrated by Rob Schneider, that illustrates the corruption in the vaccine industry and federal government. As a physician and public health advocate, I agree with the concept of vaccination, and I recognize that vaccines have helped stop a number of debilitating diseases that used to be very…