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Please take a look at this short video, narrated by Rob Schneider, that illustrates the corruption in the vaccine industry and federal government.

As a physician and public health advocate, I agree with the concept of vaccination, and I recognize that vaccines have helped stop a number of debilitating diseases that used to be very common, such as smallpox and polio.

Unfortunately, the current vaccine schedule and the integrity of vaccine manufacturing has nothing to do with public health, and everything to do with corporate profit.  I wish we could trust the vaccine industry to make decisions in the best interest of the public, but the simple truth is that we cannot.

I encourage most people to avoid the influenza and pneumonia vaccines.  Most studies have found these vaccines to be ineffective except in selected populations, such as elders living in nursing homes, and even in those populations the benefits are small.  A mainstream independent review in 2010 (link http://summaries.cochrane.org/CD001269/vaccines-to-prevent-influenza-in-healthy-adults) found that, “4% of unvaccinated people versus 1% of vaccinated people developed influenza symptoms.” They also noted, “reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies.”  In other words, studies funded by the vaccine industry are not to be trusted.

The safest and best ways to prevent colds and flus this season is to take vitamin D3 (5,000iu daily for adults and 2,000iu daily for children are safe doses), and probiotics, beneficial bacteria for your GI tract.  Taking acid blocking medications for GERD can increase the risk of colds and flu, so consider talking to an integrative practitioner about alternatives.  Wash your hands before eating, get enough sleep, and laugh every day to boost the immune system.  Elderberry and other immune boosting herbs may help if you feel like your immune function is low or if you are particularly susceptible to colds and flus.

If you are a parent wondering what’s the best decision for your child, I implore you to do some research and don’t blindly trust your pediatrician, who may have good intentions but has been trained by the vaccine industry and the corrupt CDC.  Above all, avoid vaccinating children when they are already sick or under stress, and avoid administering several vaccines at the same time.

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