In November, 2016, Maine voters passed a ballot initiative to “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.”
What does this mean for Maine’s medical cannabis patients?

Effective Jan 30th, 2017, it is now legal for all adults in Maine to grow up to 6 cannabis plants and possess up to 2.5 oz of cannabis. Patients younger than 21 will continue to need a medical cannabis certification.
Retail sales for adult use cannabis will begin mid-2018 or later.
The only legal way to purchase cannabis is to maintain medical cannabis certification and purchase from a licensed dispensary or caregiver.
There is a proposed 10% additional tax on adult use cannabis.
The penalties for selling cannabis illegally start at 1 year in prison and $2000 fine for under 1 lb.

Medical cannabis patients are returning to Integr8 Health for certification renewal, individualized cannabis dosing plans, and the highest quality and most compassionate cannabis healthcare available.

Legislative Updates:
Multiple pieces of legislation to modify both the adult use cannabis and the medical cannabis statues have been submitted by legislators this session. The Maine legislature voted to form a special committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation, made up of 12 Representatives and 7 Senators. The MLI Committee will be taking at least a couple months to study issues related to implementing recreational marijuana laws before holding Public Hearings or voting on the dozens of bills to amend laws affecting cannabis.

The MLI committee has already had significant discussion on how proposed recreational laws will affect medical marijuana patients and caregivers, with several committee members expressing that they have heard from constituents who depend on cannabis as medicine, and that they want to protect patient access in the process of implementing new recreational licensing schemes.

All bills relating to recreational use and licensing, and some that would affect medical marijuana patients, will be sent to this new committee. After studying the issues, the committee will start holding Public Hearings on the dozens of bills affecting Maine’s marijuana laws. The MLI Committee will be meeting through this summer, and likely voting out most bills in the fall.

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