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Veteran’s Discount
Caregiver Survey
Happy Apple Season
The legalization Vote

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 November, 2016

November Discount for Veterans


In celebration of Veteran’s Day and in honor of our military veterans, we are offering $50 off initial visits (total cost $200) and $20 off any follow up or recertification visit throughout the month of November.  Thank you for your service!

Did you know Jim Wright, our licensed clinical professional counsellor, offers advanced treatments for PTSD and other mental and physical health challenges?  Services include biofeedback, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), hypnotherapy, and more. Throughout November visits with Jim are discounted to $50 for veterans, an incredible value (regular price $200 initial visits and $125 follow ups). With Jim’s help you can unleash the potential of your mind to transform limiting patterns of thought and behavior, reduce pain and anxiety, and live life to its fullest!

Integr8 Caregiver Survey


As the field of medical cannabis advances, our doctors and nurse practitioners are helping patients get better results by making more specific recommendations for dosage and delivery methods.  While our patients often have difficulty finding products compatible with these recommendations, we also hear from hundreds of caregivers that are growing and producing excellent products, many of which are tested for cannabinoid potency at Tested Labs (link).

To help patients connect with the right caregivers, we’ve created a brief caregiver survey.  The results will be posted in our office waiting rooms, organized by county, and updated monthly.

If you are a caregiver, and you’d like to be listed in our directory, please take 1 minute to fill out the survey.



In This Issue:

  • November Discount for Veterans
  • Integr8 Caregiver Survey
  • Happy Apple Season
  • Legalization Vote, Nov 8th

Happy Apple Season!

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A recent meta-analysis of 41 studies between 1994 and 2014 linked eating at least 1 apple a day with reduced rates of several types of cancer, including lung, colon, and breast.  Enjoy Maine’s apple season!

One caution: Dr. Sulak strongly encourages you to pick or buy organic or no-spray apples.

Conventional apples are the second highest of all produce in pesticide content, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  Every year the EWG publishes the “dirty dozen” list of the most pesticide-contaminated foods and the “clean fifteen” least contaminated.  This list can be very helpful at the grocery store. 

Legalization Vote, Nov 8th

The ballot initiative to “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” will appear as question #1 this Election Day.  Have you learned the facts before deciding how you will vote?  Please see Dr. Sulak’s letter and guide to better understand the details of the initiative and how it might impact medical cannabis patients in Maine.