by Sunny Raleigh, D.O

At Integr8 Health, good health is a shared responsibility.  We are here when you’re sick, but also strive to keep you well.  Preventative care is a crucial part of managing and promoting good health and wellness.  To maintain and promote your health we emphasize a healthy approach to living.  In times of illness, I emphasize the appropriate use of conventional medicine – including pharmaceuticals and surgery, as well as the thoughtful use of integrative modalities.  Integr8 Health offers a holistic individualized approach to your healthcare.

Osteopathic medicine provides a unique model of healthcare focused on treating you as an individual, not the disease.  Dr. Sunny Raleigh aims to restore the focus on health and healing through a strong patient/practitioner relationship. It also means taking more time to understand you and your needs, making sure you feel listened to, and building an individualized plan for living better and staying better.

With a broader approach to healing and wellness, osteopathic medicine takes into account all aspects of what makes a person whole – mind, body and spirit – and addresses them all at the same time.  Osteopathic medicine is a complete branch of medicine parallel to allopathic (conventional) medicine. Through an active practitioner and patient partnership, a treatment plan will include the use of traditional osteopathic treatment, conventional and alternative modalities. Relying on the best of scientifically-validated conventional and alternative therapies, osteopathic medicine is a practical strategy that places the whole patient at the center of care.  In addition to physical symptoms, it examines the psychological, social and spiritual nature of the individual. An emphasis is placed on re-establishing normal structure to optimize body function. A D.O. uses palpation and manipulation to provide patient specific care to promote the body’s innate ability to heal from within. Since the body has an innate ability to heal from within, the osteopathic physician’s role is to augment the healing process. An integrative approach educates and empowers the patient to play an active and responsible role in his or her own health.

Functional Medicine is an individualized approach to health that focuses on optimizing functioning of the body’s physiologic systems by correcting imbalances.  Functional medicine is holistic as it views the human body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. Functional Medicine is often useful for improving symptoms associated with gastrointestinal problems, food allergies, inflammatory and immunologic problems, fatigue, and more. Because Functional Medicine is based on the idea that disease arises out of the sum of life’s experiences as they combine with each person’s unique genetics, treatment is personalized using diet, lifestyle, stress reduction and supplements for prevention and treatment of disease.

”Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson