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Testimonials from Patients

We are dedicated to getting great results with our patients.  Here is their feedback.

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Patient Testimonials

"Excellent all around. Highly suggest (and I have)."

"Good folks that have the patient in mind."

"It has been wonderful to have them work with me and not drug companies for big profits." - M. Clark

"I would highly recommend Integr8 Health!  My experience was something I will never forget.  Everyone I interacted with from the front desk to the doctor were very friendly, welcoming and genuinely concerned for my well-being.  They listened to what I had to say about my concerns for my health, the medicines I was currently on and my desire to get off them and replace them with MM.  They were very helpful in teaching me how to start replacing my current medication with MM and the weaning off process I am going through.  They gave me a lot of resources/information that helped me make an informed choice in my decision to replace current treatment with MM."  - K Benning

"The people there are kind, professional, and VERY understanding. And that they will walk with you on your journey. They truly care about you as a whole."

"It's been great. They make it easy to understand and help with any issue you may have."  - K.Handy

"Very friendly, courteous, and professional. The best!"

"Highly recommend.  Very professional staff."

How Medical Cannabis Helps Our Patients

"I am able to dress, shower, and function on a daily basis. I socialize with people, I can go to church now, I can drive without excruciating pain, I am truly blessed to have found MM and what it has done for me in my life."

"Marijuana helps!  Try to stay away from opiates."

"I have lost seventy-five pounds. I now run two miles, three times a week. I bike 12-15 miles, three times a week. I hike 4-7 miles every day. I do weight training three times a week. I no longer smoke and seldom drink. My blood work is all within the normal range. I feel the best I have felt since my late teens. I am in the best shape of my life."   - W Dyer

"I can pretty much do anything I want now. With limited to no pain."

"Less pain to no pain when medicated and a few hrs after. Shortens/stops panic attacks and NO spasms what-so-ever."  - K Handy

"Find what works for you. Don't worry about who approves or doesn't approve, life is not meant to be lived because you have to, live life the way you want and if medical marijuana lets you do just that go for it and more power to you!!"  - K Handy

"Pain is tolerable through tincture and nobody knows that I am using medical for pain. I am able to go to the bathroom and able to eat."

"It is powerful medicine, so use sparingly."

"Don't give up there's a strain out there for everybody."

"Pain has lessened, I can now move my arm over my head!  Getting relief from degenerate arthritis in my lower back as well."

"A lot more relaxed, not so tight. Sleep patterns A LOT better. Pain subsides."


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