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I trust and recommend Healer products to help you feel your best every day.

I created Healer Cannabis and Hemp products because I needed high quality, dependable, pure, and effective products for my patients, colleagues, family, friends, and for you. The most effective cannabis products retain the widest range of medicinal compounds. Healer’s patented nano-filtration process both removes impurities and delivers more of the plant’s entourage of medicinal compounds.

To ensure the highest safety and quality, each small product batch is third-party tested to be free of harmful contaminants and accurately formulated, and to take the guesswork out of finding your optimal dose and frequency we include my clinically-proven, step-by-step Dosage Guide and Response Tracker©.

Dr Dustin Sulak
Healer Products

Healer Medical Cannabis Products

Drops, Capsules, Topical and Vaporizer Cartridge; 8 formulas including: NIGHT, DAY, PAIN, BALANCE, RELIEF, THCA, ANYTIME. Available to certified medical cannabis patients in Maine and Maine and certified medical cannabis patients visiting Maine. Learn more at HealerCannabis.com

Healer CBD & CBDA Hemp Products 

Whole Plant Hemp CBD and CBDA Drops, Capsules and Topical. Healer CBD products maintain a 6:1 ratio of CBD/CBDA. CBDA is the hard-to-capture, original raw form of CBD which research indicates is 5-10X more bioavailable compared to CBD.  Available in the practice and online nationwide.  Learn more at HealerCBD.com

Disclosure Notice:

Dr. Dustin Sulak and Dr. Danielle Saad, both physicians at Intergr8 Health, have financial interests in the following medicinal cannabis and hemp CBD product companies-Healer, Inc. (Healer.com) and Healer Hemp, LLC (HealerCBD.com).

You have the right to choose the provider of your health care services as well as the option of utilizing alternative physicians.  Patients of Integr8 Health, including those who are certified for the use of medical cannabis (marijuana), are always free to purchase cannabis products from any caregiver or dispensary, without any judgement or discrimination, and encouraged to produce their own products as allowed by law.  You will not be treated differently by your physician if you do not choose to purchase Healer products. We welcome you as a patient and value our relationship with you.