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Weekly:Wednesdays and Fridays 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.?here: 170 US Route 1, Suite 200, Falmouth ME

Public and walk-ins welcome.

• First Visit  – Free (Any Current Patient), $5 suggested donation for public

• Private treatments available

• See rate schedules below

For more information or to sign up for a specific time, please call Integr8 Health at (207) 482-0188.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Have you heard praises for Reiki, but never found the time or money to try it?  Do you love to receive Reiki treatment but just don’t get enough chances? Have chronic pain or other issues that could use support?

Join us for 15 to 40 minutes of deep relaxation, awakening and energizing your body’s wisdom for inner healing, peace, and balance.  An experienced Reiki practitioner will treat you with skill and compassion.

Reiki is hands-on healing, simple and gentle, practiced by millions around the world.  It is embraced as an effective therapy at many hospitals, improving patient well being.  It is not a religion;  people of all beliefs practice Reiki.  It awakens the body’s wisdom for balance and inner peace.

Reiki, or Universal Life Energy, is one of the most widespread and well-known forms of energy medicine.  It is ultimately simple, easy to learn, and incredibly effective.  Reiki enhances the healing of any physical, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease. It is safe, natural, and feels great.

Relax and enjoy warm and tingling waves of universal life energy coursing through your body/mind!  A hands-on Reiki session feels great, restores balance, and boosts the healing system.  A traditional Reiki treatment is performed by laying hands on and around the body.  Reiki is the foundation of my practice and strongly enhances all other healing modalities.  It is also a great self-healing tool!


Clinic treatment, 15 minutes in reclining chair, semi-private:

First time free for Integr8 patients, $5 suggested donation for public

Second time $25

Monthly pass for unlimited treatments $49 (supply may be limited)

Private treatment on massage table:

40 minutes $55, package of 3 treatments $140

For more information or to sign up for a specific time, please call Integr8 Health at (207) 482-0188.   Or click here, Make an Appointment

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